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HSBC Bank International, International Bank Account

by Mariska Clark on April 6, 2010

An offshore bank is a bank which is located outside one’s country of residence. Mostly important thing or better to say the most valuable characteristic of the offshore banking is that it has low level of taxation. Overall it can be stated that offshore banking offers the following appealing things: tax efficiency, safe haven for […]

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Barclays offshore banking calls itself a secure haven for your financial means. No wonder why! Barclays Wealth represents a well-known financial institution with a long history which reaches 300 years and good reputation. Barclays offshore banking is not only designed to satisfy your financial needs but also to help you in planning and managing your […]


Lloyds offshore banking presupposes a widely known banking system. Lloyds TSB International is a part of a trusted British bank. It operates from Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man, three stable economically and politically jurisdictions with relaxed fiscal regulation and tax regime. So, Lloyds offshore banking can bring its offshore banking services to its […]


NatWest Bank Account, Personal & Business Services

by Mariska Clark on October 29, 2009

It is believed that NatWest is one of the leading providers of offshore banking services. It provides banking in Gibraltar, the Channel Islands and Isle of Man. It targets UK expatriates and everyone residing in UK notwithstanding their nationality. NatWest offshore banking services are divided into two categories personal banking and business banking. So if […]

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HSBC (Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation) is UK based one of largest financial institutions in the world providing both onshore and offshore banking services to its customers. HSBC’s world network of offices includes 10,000 service centers in over 85 countries and jurisdictions in Asia, Europe, Pacific, America and Africa. Assets of HSBC Global are […]

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