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Over the years the region has become an area abundantly supplied with tax havens. The financial sector of the Caribbean enhances also offshore banks. The origins of the development of the offshore financial sector here can be traced down to the 1960s when financial institutions in other countries began to be confronted with legislation which […]

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The legal system of the Cayman Islands has been developed from the British model which consist today of common law and local legislation. There is no direct taxation imposed on the offshore banking Cayman Islands provide. Instead it has adopted a system of indirect taxation by the imposition of customs duties on imported goods, stamp […]


Antigua & Barbuda, License, Privacy, Confidentiality

by Mariska Clark on March 25, 2009

In general the offshore banking Antigua & Barbuda can be characterized as being a small one. Offshore banking units in Antigua and Barbuda may be legally created under the International Business Corporations Act of 1982 (hereinafter IBC Act). Any entity wishing to conduct offshore banking Antigua & Barbuda activity needs to be incorporated under the […]

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Although there is a stereotype that Cayman Islands allow money laundering, it is not much easier than opening a bank account in  the USA with minimum due diligence. Although Cayman Islands has a record of being a offshore banking jurisdiction, where money laundering and illegal transactions were frequent, nowadays offshore banking Cayman Islands operations are […]

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Antigua & Barbuda, International Business Corporation

by Elliot Clark on February 14, 2009

Relative size of offshore banking sector of Antigua and Barbuda is small. It is regulated and supervised by International Financial Sector Regulatory Authority (IFSRA). Main principles of banking sector regulation/supervision and the mandate of regulatory authority are set in International Business Corporation Act of 1998. The regulatory authority is run by four directors and the […]

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Financial Institutions in Anguilla

by Elliot Clark on January 20, 2009

ACORN – online company registrar, was set up by government of Anguilla; Barclays PLC – provides full commercial banking service with an option to open deposits both in US$ and EC$. Also has money transfer services, bank card services and loan opportunities; Caribbean Commercial Bank – founded in 1976. Offers commercial and offshore banking services […]

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