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Free Trade & Financial Zone in Madeira, Portugal

by Mariska Clark on April 8, 2009

The Madeira Archipelago is situated in the North Atlantic. It enjoys a favorable geographical location as it lies between the African coast and Lisbon (Portugal). The Island of Madeira is an offshore banking center and it is recognized by the EU. It is part of the Portuguese territory for all legal purposes and also when […]

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Ireland is a Member State of the EU. Its laws are based on common-law legislation and EU laws as Ireland has to comply at the national level with the European directives. It has to be commenced with the statement that Ireland is not obviously included in the list of offshore banking centers. A majority of […]

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Notwithstanding the fact that Andorra and Lichtenstein were previously characterized by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) as a highly uncooperative offshore banking centers, it announced their willingness to ease bank secrecy. Switzerland also stated that it will accept standards laid down by the OECD to allow the exchange of information with other […]

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Monaco as an offshore banking center is quite specific. It has been traditionally very attractive for individual customers; however had nothing to offer to corporate clients as an offshore banking center. Taxation structure tends to discourage companies to use Monaco’s banking services, unless their operations are only domestic. All companies that receive more than 25% […]

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Luxembourg Financial Center, Tax Haven

by Mariska Clark on February 24, 2009

Luxembourg is a relatively tiny country located in Western Europe with a population of approximately half a million people in an area of 2,586 square kilometers. Luxembourg’s neighboring countries are Germany, France and Belgium. Luxembourg is a well developed rich country. Its economy can be characterized as stable, generating high-incomes and having low rates of […]


Offshore Banking List Jersey, Offshore Bank List

by Elliot Clark on January 15, 2009

List of largest offshore banks operating in Jersey: Abbey International – offshore banking institution providing current account, deposit accounts and limited issue deposits with high interest rates and tax benefits; ABN-AMRO Bank NV – banking and investment services to large customers; Allied Irish Offshore – competitive rates; Alpha Bank Jersey Limited – deposits with different […]

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