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How to Open an Offshore Bank Account

by Elliot Clark on June 4, 2010

In this article we briefly discuss how to open offshore bank account. However before you proceed to the opening of the offshore bank account, we strongly recommend you to read the following articles to be fully informed about the advantages offshore bank accounts has to offer you: The Advantages of Going Offshore Bank Secrecy – […]

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Why Should I Go Offshore? Advantages of Going Offshore

by Mariska Clark on September 12, 2009

According to the offshore financier Terry Neal companies and individuals decide to move to offshore jurisdictions in order to get a better protection, benefit from offshore banking privacy, enjoy the tax-free economic environment and reduce risks and costs. Terry Neal, enumerates and analyzes several motivating factors for going offshore. For instance, an owner of an […]

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Is Offshore Banking Legal?

by Elliot Clark on March 11, 2009

People often ask a question: is offshore banking legal or illegal? Answer is quite simple: it is legal; nobody will come and arrest you for having offshore bank account, or for being a shareholder of an offshore company, or for making an offshore investment. It is absolutely legal service provided by a licensed financial institution […]


What is Offshore Banking? What are its Benefits?

by Mariska Clark on March 1, 2009

To put it very simply offshore banking can be defined as banking in a location different from that of your citizenship or residence. So you use services of a bank located in a different jurisdiction. However, this is not all these locations are tax or financial havens. Such jurisdictions are called offshore financial centers. For […]


One of the advantages of offshore banking is banking secrecy that comes with an account opened at offshore jurisdictions. This allows depositors keeping offshore company‚Äôs finances or making offshore investments under high degree of confidentiality. Most tax havens are devoted to protecting client information from unauthorized disclosure. What does the bank secrecy mean? It means […]