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North/South America

Barbados, License, International Financial Center

by Elliot Clark on February 22, 2009

Barbados has historically regarded as a tropical haven and major tourist destination. Warm climate, sandy beaches, wide varieties of tourist attractions has made this country a choice of millions of individuals. Barbados has been regarded as a rapidly developing offshore banking center. This jurisdiction has experienced strong growth and has promoted itself as a premier […]

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Financial Institutions in Anguilla

by Elliot Clark on January 20, 2009

ACORN – online company registrar, was set up by government of Anguilla; Barclays PLC – provides full commercial banking service with an option to open deposits both in US$ and EC$. Also has money transfer services, bank card services and loan opportunities; Caribbean Commercial Bank – founded in 1976. Offers commercial and offshore banking services […]

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Bermuda, Financial Legislation, Commercial Banks

by Elliot Clark on December 25, 2008

Bermuda is not an international offshore banking center in its classical sense. Large international banks that conduct their operations in other offshore banking centers or provide ordinary commercial banking services are not permitted to register and operate in Bermuda for the population of Bermuda. Currently four large local banks operate in Bermuda that own assets […]


Offshore Banking Panama, Bank Secrecy, Anonymity

by Elliot Clark on December 23, 2008

Panama’s Corporation Law 32 of 1927 states that corporations can be founded by two persons that are residents or non-residents. Panama’s Corporation Law in many cases resembles Delaware Business Corporation Law of 1926. Unlike many offshore banking Panama treats both domestic and offshore companies in the same way. All corporations in Panama pay taxes for […]