How to Open an Offshore Bank Account

by Elliot Clark on June 4, 2010

In this article we briefly discuss how to open offshore bank account. However before you proceed to the opening of the offshore bank account, we strongly recommend you to read the following articles to be fully informed about the advantages offshore bank accounts has to offer you:

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Currently we offer you to open offshore bank account from Lloyds TSB that is a well-known and reputable multinational financial institution with representation all over the world. As you become customer of such a bank, you get not only safety and convenience, but also bank secrecy that makes your offshore banking anonymous. Moreover the banking services that Lloyds offshore bank account can offer you may not be available in your country of residence.

Lloyds Offshore is incorporated in Jersey (Channel Islands) – the world’s one of the most respected and trusted financial centers and offer most recent and up-to-date banking services that are available worldwide.

To open offshore bank account all of three banks ask for certain level of relationship balance and sometimes even minimum balance on your account. By relationship balance banks mean the total amount of your holdings across the bank. By minimum balance on the account they mean the untouchable minimum that must be always on your account.

To proceed with Lloyds TSB Offshore Bank Account click here

Some of the features of Lloyds offshore bank account are listed below:

– 24-hour internet and phone services;

– Choice of Currencies: the account is available in 3 different currencies  (USD, EURO, GPB);

– FREE Debit Card  – the offshore bank account comes with free  debit card in two currencies (USD, Euro, GPB);

– Worldwide travel insurance;

– Free international transfers;

– Tax Exemption on Interest: the interest that you earn on your account is exempted from income tax;

– International Money Transfers: you can make international transfers from your account in different world currencies;Open Offshore Bank Account

– No Monthly Fee: as long as you meet relationship balance and minimum balance requirements, the bank does not charge you the monthly fee;

– Bill Payment – you can set up bill payments directly from your offshore bank account;

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