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by Elliot Clark on December 13, 2008

International Business Company (IBC) of Belize is a convenient tool to utilize the advantages of Belize offshore business center in the most effective way. IBCs are allowed to have only one shareholder/founder, one director and several nominee directors. Belize legislation does not require companies holding shareholder meetings, but if shareholders decide to still hold it, then they are allowed to vote through the phone or by the proxy voting.

Belize is also an offshore banking center that offers accounts that are absolutely safe from creditors and free from the requirement of tax filing.

IBC allows wide range of operations:

– Managing Offshore Portfolios

– Offshore Banking

– Real Estate Owning

– Securities Trading

– Leasing

– International Trade

– Consultation Services

– Holding Intellectual Property

– Financial Planning

– Pension Planning

– Anonymity

Belize Offshore Banking

The Central Bank of Belize

The users of Belize offshore services can be anybody: a person, whose assets are involved in potential lawsuit, a person willing to invest and get proceeds without taxing them, a person, who wishes to conduct his/her business in more liberal environment or a person, who needs high degrees of privacy.

In Belize, the legislation allows Belize residents and non-residents to create International Business Company that is an essential tool for doing all above listed. Government of Belize is motivated to preserve the privacy of offshore banking customers and offshore company owners. Managers and owners of IBC enjoy a high degree of privacy and secrecy. The information on shareholders is recorded only in a company and nowhere else. The legislation allows issuing “Bearer Shares” that eliminate necessity to keep list of a company’s shareholders.

There are no restrictions on international trade in Belize. IBCs can conduct their business globally, while owners enjoy the anonymity. The offshore banking ensures secrecy and laws forbid making banking records available to the third parties under any conditions.

Offshore banking anonymity and secrecy is enforced by the legislation. Tax avoidance and tax evasion are not regarded as criminal matters in Belize, since there are no taxes there. Courts are not allowed to request details of one’s offshore banking account.

Offshore banking regulation is quite strict in Belize. They have to hold much higher reserves than in USA and they are more carefully audited by Central Bank, than US banks. Deposit insurance is in place and all the banking deposits are insured.

Belize banks provide all traditional banking services. They provide current accounts, investment accounts, credit and debit cards.

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Lawrence S. Thomas August 21, 2010 at 5:53 pm

I want to open a offshore account let me know what i need to do. 559-481-0311

DOUGLAS TALBOT April 4, 2011 at 6:57 am


jeffrey Collins December 6, 2012 at 4:32 pm

Yes, what is the minimum ammount needed in cash to open the acct. What documents are required etc.. Is it customary to meet with a financial advisor before opening the acct., there in Belize. How many days would be required for a stay there to successfully open the acct, and how long before could the account start receiving transfers?


Jeffrey S. Collins

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