Why Do Expats Need an Offshore Bank Account?

You are a resident of a foreign country, have property overseas, work abroad or you are retired abroad then, yes you might be a potential person who would choose/ need to have offshore banking. I know most probably the majority of people think or at least used to think that offshore banking is for rich people who have millions to manage. Indeed that is not fully a false statement offshore banking is definitely not for everyone. But, let me tell you that an offshore bank account may be opened by an average expat as well. Of course, the next logical question that may pop up in your head is why do I need an offshore bank account and how precisely I can benefit from it?

Let me start by shaking the general idea surrounding offshore banking: an offshore bank account is not exclusively about tax avoidance. No way. Mostly important offshore banking is a safe and modern method way of managing one’s financial means. This would be the first reason for an expat to bank offshore.

Let me now refer to some detailed characteristics of offshore banking, which in a way will reveal the motives of how can an expat benefit from offshore banking.

– Having an offshore bank account is a clear advantage when it comes to the flexibility that you get. Accessing your financial means is very easy to do wherever you are.

– Except for flexibility offshore bank accounts very often come in different currencies. This is very comfortable because for example you can earn your salary or have any other income in a certain currency but for spent money in a different one, especially taking into consideration that you are living abroad.

– Having an offshore bank account in multiple currencies you will save on currency transfer operations.

– Moreover, such accounts usually come with some very good benefits such as no fee for international ATMs card withdrawals.

– You also can get travel insurance which can cover any country in the world that comes hand in hand with your offshore bank account.

– Taking into account that offshore banking is really a modern system such advantages as having 24 hours assistance from an agent is a completely normal phenomenon. Thus, wherever you are and notwithstanding the time zones, an offshore bank account is designed in such a way that you will get support 24 hours and 7 days a week.

– In addition, having an offshore bank account gives you the possibility to have an account manager’s support who will understand your needs and will operate accordingly.

– There is also often the possibility to receive an international credit card if you have an offshore bank account.

– And of course the most important is that offshore banking gives you some taxation advantages.

– Another relevant benefit that comes with an offshore bank account is privacy. In case you make a lot of transactions and financial operations between different accounts, different currencies, different jurisdictions then definitely such an account will suit your needs.

All in all, these are the most evident benefits that come with an offshore bank account and can lure you in having one, of course, if your needs dictate that.